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Top Rated Robots

  1. A low to the ground green warehouse robot.



    4.5 stars (72 ratings)
  2. A small in-flight helicopter with a square silver body the size of a tissue box, a pair of carbon fiber rotors, a rectangular solar panel on top, and four spindly legs on the bottom.



    4.5 stars (32 ratings)
  3. A black and white robotic torso with two white arms ending in two finger gripper hands, and a white head with two camera eyes, one large and one small. There are two pointed antenna protruding from the robot's head.



    4.5 stars (12 ratings)

Most Wanted Robots

  1. A round cushion with a tail, covered in soft looking gray fur.



    93% said "yes" (14 ratings)
  2. A low to the ground green warehouse robot.



    89% said "yes" (71 ratings)
  3. A white drone with glowing green lights for eyes in flight, with a white background.


    Mambo FPV↓2

    88% said "yes" (3,266 ratings)

Creepiest Robots

  1. A humanoid robot the size of small child, with a soft torso with a bald head, a doll-like face, and stumps in place of limbs.



    Most rated "Really Creepy" (40,757 ratings)
  2. Close-up on the face of a child-size humanoid with peachy flesh fitted over camera eyes and open mouth. It wears a black wig, blue cap and plaid shirt.



    Most rated "Really Creepy" (15,394 ratings)
  3. A child sized humanoid robot with exposed electronics in the torso, arms and legs, and an overly large expressive child's face.



    Most rated "Really Creepy" (21,325 ratings)