1. A low to the ground green warehouse robot.



    4.5 stars (88 ratings)
  2. A small in-flight helicopter with a square silver body the size of a tissue box, a pair of carbon fiber rotors, a rectangular solar panel on top, and four spindly legs on the bottom.



    4.5 stars (43 ratings)
  3. A simple, compact, black wheeled robot smaller then the palm of a hand with two glowing green eyes.



    4.5 stars (12,479 ratings)
  4. A robotic sloth hangs upside down from a wire. It has a solar panel and other electronics.



    4.5 stars (47 ratings)
  5. A furry white robot which looks like a baby harp seal looks up at the camera.



    4.5 stars (19,278 ratings)
  6. A white drone with glowing green lights for eyes in flight, with a white background.


    Mambo FPV↑1

    4.5 stars (3,194 ratings)
  7. A large red robotic vehicle with tracks and an articulated arm.



    4.5 stars (2,740 ratings)
  8. A white robot dog with blue eyes and brown ears holds a pink and white bone toy in its mouth.



    4.5 stars (23,964 ratings)
  9. A person wearing all black, including safety glasses and a hard hat, is wearing a full body blue and black exoskelton.


    Guardian XO

    4.5 stars (23 ratings)
  10. A four legged black and yellow robot sits on its back legs while balancing with its front ones, like arms. It's face is a yellow square full of sensors.



    4.5 stars (11,847 ratings)
  11. An advanced looking two legged robot stands in a dynamic pose.



    4.5 stars (6,777 ratings)
  12. A white boxy mobile robot on six wheels with a narrow antenna with an orange flag on top.



    4.5 stars (2,623 ratings)
  13. An unmanned aerial vehicle the size of a plane with a similar shape including a curved front, wings and stabilizers seen on a white background.


    Global Hawk↑2

    4.5 stars (4,583 ratings)
  14. A small blue eyed robot with two wheels, a soft white bodice, and a camera with sensors sticking out of it's head.



    4.5 stars (66 ratings)
  15. View of the top of the robot showing its touch screen that doubles as a face. It's top compartment has a lid which is open.



    4.5 stars (3,636 ratings)
  16. Two large wheels on either side of a platform which a user would stand on. There is a pole with handlebars in front.



    4.5 stars (1,612 ratings)
  17. A black and white robotic torso with two white arms ending in two finger gripper hands, and a white head with two camera eyes, one large and one small. There are two pointed antenna protruding from the robot's head.



    4.5 stars (20 ratings)
  18. A 19.3cm wide and 11.4 cm tall black object consisting of a horizontal body with cameras and sensors, two sturdy side wheels, and two antenna sticking up.



    4.5 stars (1,013 ratings)
  19. A red and black race car.


    Anki Drive

    4.5 stars (3,997 ratings)
  20. Close up of a robot's head. It has black casing, glowing blue eyes, a pink light, camera, and cat-like ears.



    4.5 stars (7,463 ratings)
  21. A black salamander shaped robot with four flipper feet and a segmented body with a tail.


    Salamandra robotica II

    4.5 stars (985 ratings)
  22. Photo of Husky shows a compact yellow base with sensors and other equipment, and four large tough tires.



    4.5 stars (1,275 ratings)
  23. A black telepresence robot on a mobile base with a display on top.



    4.5 stars (1,044 ratings)
  24. A boxy black platform with knobs holds a pink 3D printed part.



    4.5 stars (2,433 ratings)
  25. Two views of a black drone with two rectangular side by side sections housing four rotors total, as well as having many cameras.


    Skydio R1↑1

    4.5 stars (864 ratings)
  26. A bipedal humanoid robot with a blue, silver, black and yellow exterior and the appearance of wearing a helmet is posed with its arms and gripper fingers ready to act.



    4.5 stars (1,523 ratings)
  27. A small white drone with four propellers on top and a camera on its underside.



    4.5 stars (1,455 ratings)
  28. Lego bricks form a humanoid with track wheel feet, two arms, and a cute face with blue eyes and orange eyebrows.


    Lego Boost

    4.5 stars (1,240 ratings)
  29. A small silver drone with a camera visible in the front.


    Mavic 2↑1

    4.5 stars (2,227 ratings)
  30. A white ball with a logo on it like a blue circle with two eyes.



    4.5 stars (7,607 ratings)
  31. A drone with a camera in flight.



    4.5 stars (949 ratings)
  32. A beige wheeled robot with tank-like treads with a bent articulated arm featuring a strong black gripper hand.



    4.5 stars (2,593 ratings)
  33. A robot dog on a white background.


    Aibo (1999)↑2

    4.5 stars (6,727 ratings)
  34. A simple mobile robot with a black wheeled bottom, white middle, and white head with two black circles for eyes. A blue light glows on its chest.



    4.5 stars (2,057 ratings)
  35. A friendly, cartoonish, white and silver humanoid robot stands with one hand on it's hip. It has two eyes and a small hole with forms its mouth.



    4.5 stars (4,744 ratings)
  36. Four connected robotic appendages with tracks on them.



    4.5 stars (2,643 ratings)
  37. A blue and white robot that appears to be cartoonish yet humanoid shaped and wearing a helmet, poses with its arm flexed towards the camera.



    4.5 stars (1,586 ratings)
  38. A silver four legged robot on a white background.


    Mini Cheetah↑1

    4.5 stars (3,559 ratings)
  39. Close up of a red submarine like robot with gripper hands.



    4.5 stars (4,500 ratings)
  40. A friendly looking red and white humanoid robot with a cartoonish appearance. It has a glowing red heart shape on it's chest.


    Emiew 3↑1

    4.5 stars (3,265 ratings)
  41. A high-tech humanoid stands in a power pose with hands on its hips. It's appearance resembles an astronaut, with its white jointed body, helmet with gold accents, and chest plate with the NASA logo.



    4.5 stars (5,302 ratings)
  42. A silver humanoid with two big blue eyes on a rounded head. A small blue ball is being expelled from one of its hands and it stands in an active pitching pose.



    4.5 stars (999 ratings)
  43. A fixed wing drone with a white body and red wings on a white background.



    4.5 stars (1,883 ratings)
  44. A small black drone in a simple cage.



    4.5 stars (496 ratings)
  45. A round green robot with green pad feet and a silver middle and a solar panel on top.



    4.5 stars (16 ratings)
  46. Close up of a white robot with a face shield and backpack.



    4 stars (5,607 ratings)
  47. A silhouetted image of a white robotic seagull.



    4 stars (3,822 ratings)
  48. A robot with a black circular head with two glowing blue eyes, and two white hands.


    Care-O-bot 4

    4 stars (3,946 ratings)
  49. A simple robot with a circular black display screen and bowling pin shaped white and silver base.



    4 stars (1,072 ratings)
  50. Lego bricks, combined with a programmable power brick, motors, and sensors, form a humanoid robot.


    Lego Mindstorms EV3↓1

    4 stars (1,959 ratings)
  51. A gray, squat, round robotic vacuum stood up on its end.



    4 stars (6,607 ratings)
  52. A round cushion with a tail, covered in soft looking gray fur.



    4 stars (31 ratings)
  53. A robot that looks like two yellow balls squished together, with googly eyes and a button nose.



    4 stars (14,600 ratings)
  54. A car-sized rover with tracked wheels, a base covered in scientific equipment, and robotic arms with tools and multiple cameras.



    4 stars (4,784 ratings)
  55. A black two-legged robot labelled Bruno kicks a orange ball.



    4 stars (2,130 ratings)
  56. A white square robot squirts water, and has a rag affixed to it's underbelly.


    Braava Jet↓2

    4 stars (1,940 ratings)
  57. A small, friendly looking robot with a white base, vented torso, two small arms, and a rounded head with two expressive eyes and a strip of sensors on top.


    Misty II↓1

    4 stars (573 ratings)
  58. A friendly little humanoid with a simple white body, arms, and a rounded faceplate holding a screen displaying a smiling cartoonish face.



    4 stars (1,626 ratings)
  59. A six-wheeled robotic vehicle equipped with cameras and instruments.



    4 stars (2,596 ratings)
  60. A simple, small, white robot with two wheels, a black camera in its chest with a red heart icon, and blue glowing eyes and antenna ears.



    4 stars (1,387 ratings)
  61. A black fixed wing drone with yellow accents and a small spinning propellor.



    4 stars (2,838 ratings)
  62. A black mobile base with lights and electronics supports a triangular frame which extends upwards and ends with a circular disc on top. Cameras and electronics are seen in the frame and the number 3 is on the exterior.



    4 stars (280 ratings)
  63. Side view of a cartoonish white humanoid robot blowing into a trumpet, which it plays with one hand.



    4 stars (1,556 ratings)
  64. A silhouetted illustration shows Spirit, a large rover with six tracked wheels, solar panels, and a neck with cameras like a face.


    Spirit & Opportunity

    4 stars (1,389 ratings)
  65. Close up of a complex electronics and sensor laden humanoid robot.


    Atlas (2013)↑1

    4 stars (3,031 ratings)
  66. A modular black mobile robot with two rubber wheels and a scalable three layered structure of 3D-printed plates, each of which houses electronics and sensors.


    TurtleBot 3↓1

    4 stars (277 ratings)
  67. A complex looking 7-foot long robotic arm ending in a dextrous gripper.


    Guardian GT

    4 stars (1,146 ratings)
  68. A small mobile vehicle with a base, four wheels, and a translucent chassis. Each set of two wheels shares a tracked cover.



    4 stars (768 ratings)
  69. A small, 31cm tall one-legged robot with a transparent body packed with electronics and two small blue propellers on dual poles protruding from its shell. It's leg is bent at a hinge, and it has a stand on the opposite side so that it can balance seated.



    4 stars (23 ratings)
  70. A robot with 6 black legs extending and bending out of a white abdomen.



    4 stars (2,683 ratings)
  71. A white, lightweight 90 cm aircraft with two wings.



    4 stars (1,802 ratings)
  72. A friendly green and brown baby Camarasaurus dinosaur robot.



    4 stars (4,891 ratings)
  73. Two blue robots with the appearance of having a circular head with one big eye. One is larger and three wheeled, and the other is smaller and spherical.


    Dash and Dot↓1

    4 stars (4,507 ratings)
  74. A squat white hexagon with a black circle, glowing blue lines, yellow button nose and two blue glowing eyes.



    4 stars (1,809 ratings)
  75. A 20 cm robotic hexapod with a rugged design including two lights in the front and six curved flippers that rotate.



    4 stars (1,659 ratings)
  76. A black humanoid in an active position as if catching itself while falling. It's arms are thrown out to the side, one leg is bent up and the other foot has only the heel on the ground.



    4 stars (1,288 ratings)
  77. white car with a small black dome on its top



    4 stars (4,220 ratings)
  78. A black robotic hand with five jointed fingers mimicking a human hand holds an orange miniature football.


    Modular Prosthetic Limb↓1

    4 stars (780 ratings)
  79. A room sided black container full of servers displays text on a glass wall at the front that reads "IBM Watson" and shows a logo with a blue circle and lines on top.



    4 stars (690 ratings)
  80. A simple blue and white robot with two wheels, a simple wide torso and a rounded head with two eyes.



    4 stars (1,537 ratings)
  81. A black drone with electronics sits in the middle of a protective spherical carbon fiber cage.



    4 stars (1,304 ratings)
  82. A rectangular gray and black robot with gray fins.



    4 stars (1,818 ratings)
  83. Eleven connecting robotic cubes form a small humanoid shape.



    4 stars (1,402 ratings)
  84. A base with large tracked wheels supports a multi-jointed tall arm which has a gripper hand at one joint, and a camera system at the end.



    4 stars (1,499 ratings)
  85. A grey humanoid robot with a line of cameras and sensors on its forhead.


    Surena 4↓2

    4 stars (910 ratings)
  86. An industrial robot with an articulated arm uses specialized wheels to move along a high-voltage power line.



    4 stars (152 ratings)
  87. A simple collection of Lego bricks form a cute two wheeled robot with a single eye on a stick.


    Lego WeDo 2.0↓1

    4 stars (475 ratings)
  88. A friendly white humanoid with a simple face with glowing blue lights around its eyes waves at the camera. It has a tablet on its chest which says pepper.



    4 stars (4,411 ratings)
  89. A black and white robot with a black claw-like gripper on its torso, and a head composed of camera eyes and a tablet display.


    Human Support Robot

    4 stars (2,500 ratings)
  90. A segmented snake like robot on a white background.



    4 stars (4,310 ratings)
  91. A two-wheeled balancing robot with a tall body including a jointed extendable arm with a pattern of red suction cups on the end.



    4 stars (821 ratings)
  92. A purple and white unicorn with a white horn and wheels, made up of many small, simple plastic parts.



    4 stars (3,512 ratings)
  93. Close-up of Robonaut's gold helmet. It wears cushiony white clothes with the NASA logo on them.


    Robonaut 2

    4 stars (3,184 ratings)
  94. A large four legged black robot labelled ANYmal.



    4 stars (2,012 ratings)
  95. A white, rocket shaped rolling robot with purple lights.



    4 stars (738 ratings)
  96. A robot with a beat up looking metallic base and torso, two arms, a neck and a head shaped like the top of circle.



    4 stars (578 ratings)
  97. A square black robot vacuum with a blue cleaning rag attached to the bottom.



    4 stars (481 ratings)
  98. A petite bipedal toy robot with a white torso and head, black arms and legs and gripper hands.



    4 stars (462 ratings)
  99. A two handed, three fingered robot, with a bear shaped head holds a wood crate to its torso.



    4 stars (4,230 ratings)
  100. A red, snake-like segmented robot.



    4 stars (1,538 ratings)
  101. An SUV mounted with cameras and tech on top, and covered in logos.



    4 stars (3,788 ratings)
  102. A shiny blue and silver humanoid with powerful arms, black hands, and a cute rounded rectangular face with cameras and sensors.



    4 stars (584 ratings)
  103. A three-fingered robotic arm squeezes a lemon.



    4 stars (2,172 ratings)
  104. A short wheeled robot with a roller on it's bottom balances a potted plant on top of the roller and in between its front claw.



    4 stars (655 ratings)
  105. A black base holds a tremendously large orange industrial arm which is 237.1 cm high and weighs 4,690 kg.



    4 stars (1,490 ratings)
  106. A tall, blue, rectangular robot that is wider at its base features a screen showing a person's face.



    4 stars (1,017 ratings)
  107. A sleek black humanoid robot with a camera-equipped head.



    4 stars (508 ratings)
  108. A white plastic and metal torso holds three stacked sections, the bottom which says PR2 and the top of which has two eye cameras and a black bar with sensors. The robots arms, with gripper end effectors, are posed on it's hips.



    4 stars (1,046 ratings)
  109. A shiny white humanoid torso with two industrial arms, and a head composed of many horizontal strips with sensors, as well as two larger eyes with cameras.


    GITAI G1↓1

    4 stars (31 ratings)
  110. A robotic vehicle consisting of a base with electronics and an articulated arm with four large black and white wheels.



    4 stars (1,012 ratings)
  111. A long board covered with dark blue solar panels with copper colored fins below and a mast sticking out from the top.


    Wave Glider↑1

    4 stars (1,143 ratings)
  112. A modular white robot with a small torso, arms and a phone displaying expressive eyes sits on a wooden tabletop base.



    4 stars (733 ratings)
  113. A humanoid robot made of Lego bricks, with a programmable module for a torso.


    Lego Mindstorms NXT↑1

    4 stars (775 ratings)
  114. A humanoid with a shiny white torso, white and black helmeted head, and two jointed arms with copper colored gripper hands. It has two wide black legs.



    4 stars (341 ratings)
  115. A white robotic arm with a vertical appendage sticks out from a flower filled circular garden in a platform.



    4 stars (957 ratings)
  116. A complex humanoid bipedal robot is shown with its wires, actuators and sensors exposed.



    4 stars (3,001 ratings)
  117. A cartoonish yellow robot with black eyes, arms, hands and a round flat base on a white background.



    4 stars (1,940 ratings)
  118. A robotic hand attached to a cobot arm pinches a bolt between two fingers. The hand has metal on top, and is covered in blue and black soft material.


    qb SoftHand Research

    4 stars (227 ratings)
  119. A friendly white humanoid on a wheeled mobile base. It has red accents, including four finger gripper hands on its two jointed arms. It's face and torso are simple, with two camera eyes on the head, and sensors in its chest.


    Twendy One

    4 stars (634 ratings)
  120. Brightly colored yellow and orange blocks, along with a white brick and blue base form the shape of a giraffe.



    4 stars (4,442 ratings)
  121. A flat, low to the ground orange robot carries shelving full of items for sale.


    Drive Unit

    4 stars (2,096 ratings)
  122. A shiny blue and silver humanoid holds a white teacup on a plate.


    Rollin' Justin↑1

    4 stars (1,812 ratings)
  123. A black prosthetic hand that imitates human fingers and tendons.


    Shadow Hand↓1

    4 stars (1,247 ratings)
  124. A car with cameras, radar, and a roof rack holding a large lidar instrument.


    Google Self-Driving Car

    4 stars (4,160 ratings)
  125. A blue-green bipedal robot with arms, cameras and sensors built into it's torso and a lidar "head".



    4 stars (1,810 ratings)
  126. Close-up of the robot's torso, two articulated arms, blue pipe-like neck with a black bowtie on it, and a platform for a head that includes a camera system.



    4 stars (297 ratings)
  127. A black snake shaped robot crawls on a white surface.


    Guardian S

    4 stars (484 ratings)
  128. An insect-inspired robot that features six flipper legs and a flat, rectangular body.



    4 stars (258 ratings)
  129. A 1.45 meter tall bipedal humanoid robot with a silver body, gripper hands and cameras and sensors in its head.



    4 stars (265 ratings)
  130. A grey and purple robot vacuum.



    4 stars (800 ratings)
  131. The robot has six metallic jointed legs, a green shell base and a mast with three cameras for a head.



    4 stars (657 ratings)
  132. A metallic and high-tech looking quadruped robot.



    4 stars (442 ratings)
  133. A red, black and silver hexapod robot.



    4 stars (3,373 ratings)
  134. The robot has a white base, from which four sections extend down. Each section has two long black rods that attached to silver segmented piece on the bottom.



    4 stars (213 ratings)
  135. A black quadruped with a rectangular base labelled Laikago.



    4 stars (352 ratings)
  136. A tiny robot that mimics a bee. It has a black abdomen with two veined wings.



    4 stars (1,207 ratings)
  137. A compact, 33cm tabletop silver robotic arm.



    4 stars (328 ratings)
  138. A human-like robotic hand with five jointed fingers in blue casing attached to an electronics laden forearm.


    Hand Arm System↑1

    4 stars (1,339 ratings)
  139. A blonde woman in a pink shirt wears a black exoskeleton backpack suit, and crutches on her arms.



    4 stars (4,296 ratings)
  140. A white, black and orange human sized factory robot with two arms and a head with cameras.



    4 stars (180 ratings)
  141. A robot that looks like a hummingbird including wings and long, thin, orange bill stands on a four pronged base.


    Nano Hummingbird

    4 stars (2,639 ratings)
  142. A wheeled black mobile base supports a red railed crane that is expanded upwards. At the top, a red base holds a brown package.


    Picker Robots

    4 stars (601 ratings)
  143. A blue, logo covered self-driving car with a roof rack full of electronics.



    4 stars (1,998 ratings)
  144. A very large black quadruped robot on a white background.



    4 stars (6,320 ratings)
  145. A man clothed in denim shirt and jeans sits in a robotic wheelchair that is elevated on two of it's four main wheels.


    iBot 4000

    4 stars (945 ratings)
  146. Close up of a telepresence screen with a smiling man on it.



    4 stars (4,210 ratings)
  147. A 40 x 30 cm black robot consisting of a base and tall round protrusion.



    4 stars (349 ratings)
  148. A mobile robot with a white base supporting a tall black narrow pole with a telescoping arm that can move up or down it. At the top is a small oval with cameras.



    4 stars (1,500 ratings)
  149. Two mobile robots with articulated arms, camera sensor, and an accordion-style section in the base that has raised one higher than the other.



    4 stars (634 ratings)
  150. A white robot consisting of multiple tiers of round plates and a larger round base.



    4 stars (567 ratings)
  151. A self driving car labelled nuTonomy on a white background.



    4 stars (1,152 ratings)
  152. A white mobile robot with four small wheels.



    4 stars (341 ratings)
  153. Close up of a robots torso and head.



    4 stars (442 ratings)
  154. A man poses in a waist down exoskeleton suit that goes down each leg and connects under the foot.



    4 stars (1,395 ratings)
  155. A mobile robot with a base that is a tracked wheel, supporting metallic extensions including an arm with a gripper attachment, and a vertical column with a camera.



    4 stars (541 ratings)
  156. A quadruped robot with a rectangular body and four legs has a black camera sitting on top, and is covered in camouflage fabric.



    4 stars (582 ratings)
  157. A sleek silver robot with head like an astronauts helmet holds one arm up and points one of its fingers.


    Hubo 2

    4 stars (447 ratings)
  158. A white cylindrical robot which is wider at its base has a display screen on its torso, two hands with five black fingers each, and a simple black and white face. A ring of purple light at its neck and the bottom of it's torso are glowing.



    4 stars (518 ratings)
  159. An articulated robot arm pointing down with a gold wrist attached to three fingers, bent and fanned out against a white background.



    4 stars (279 ratings)
  160. A wheeled telepresence robot with a display on top that shows a smiling woman.



    4 stars (1,927 ratings)
  161. A large red and black robot with two industrial arms with grippers, and a display for a face.



    4 stars (831 ratings)
  162. A vertical rectangular box supports two industrial orange arms and hands with four fingers. The robots head is composed of cameras and a sensor bar.



    4 stars (325 ratings)
  163. A black and silver humanoid robot with white casing.



    4 stars (575 ratings)
  164. A grey and orange humanoid waves at the camera. It has a cartoonish head with eyes and a plate over its mouth area.



    4 stars (153 ratings)
  165. A dextrous two-armed collaborative robot with a white torso. It's two powerful arms are folded in front of each other. Red letters on the base say ABB.



    4 stars (593 ratings)
  166. A white bipedal robot with a blue faceplate and torso, labelled MAHRU.



    4 stars (485 ratings)
  167. A squat, square, silver mobile robot with two layers and the name OTTO on it.



    4 stars (294 ratings)
  168. 100 kg Freight model is a round, mobile, wheeled base with sensors visible in the front.



    4 stars (210 ratings)
  169. Simple electronics within a structure of 3D printed parts forming an open square base and two triangular flipper feet.



    4 stars (192 ratings)
  170. Close-up of a silver and orange robotic arm.


    LBR iiwa

    4 stars (147 ratings)
  171. A blue ball with a frame full of electronics gripping it holds a gold tray stacked with drink glasses.



    4 stars (809 ratings)
  172. A white robot with a black face plate waves at the camera.



    3.5 stars (803 ratings)
  173. A robot with two legs and hooked arms bends over to be in quadruped form.



    3.5 stars (1,805 ratings)
  174. A bipedal robot with a blue torso casing and grey arms and legs.



    3.5 stars (202 ratings)
  175. Close-up of a flesh colored robotic hand system pinching a die between two fingers.



    3.5 stars (811 ratings)
  176. A humanoid robot with a white face and shiny green torso and arms holds an orange drill.



    3.5 stars (692 ratings)
  177. Electronics sit within a cage of triangular and oval framing.



    3.5 stars (574 ratings)
  178. A historical robot with a complex humanoid body and a 1980's era video camera for a head sits and plays the keyboards.


    Wabot 2↓1

    3.5 stars (546 ratings)
  179. A small ladybug shaped robot composed of sheets folded together and held by rivets. It has 6 bent flipper legs.



    3.5 stars (4,702 ratings)
  180. A quadruped, dog-like robot with its electronics exposed.



    3.5 stars (6,681 ratings)
  181. Waist up view of a humanoid robot with exposed electronics and a head consisting of two stacked rectangles with cameras and sensors.



    3.5 stars (1,692 ratings)
  182. A silver humanoid robot whose frame includes many black wires wears a black hat and plays a flute against a white background.


    Waseda Flutist

    3.5 stars (1,185 ratings)
  183. A lightweight white telepresence robot with a thin hollow frame and a display showing a persons face.



    3.5 stars (895 ratings)
  184. A white robot with a simple face with two eyes and a camera. It has two hands with five gripper fingers which it holds up as if gesturing.



    3.5 stars (222 ratings)
  185. A four-wheeled mobile robot with a wide orange base, orange torso with arms and gripper hands, and a head consisting of electronics and sensors, some of which are exposed and some of which are in an orange horizontal bar.



    3.5 stars (317 ratings)
  186. A robot with four wheels on it's red base, which holds a smaller blue base attached to a robotic arm which is gripping a segmented circle.


    Pioneer 3

    3.5 stars (448 ratings)
  187. A 30 cm cartoonish robot with a green shell and feather like outfit that gives it the appearance of an owl with a smiling yellow face.



    3.5 stars (1,253 ratings)
  188. Close up of a humanoid robot looking at a yellow block held in its grip.



    3.5 stars (1,044 ratings)
  189. A platform with two black appendages holding surgical tools over an object on the surface.


    Raven II

    3.5 stars (493 ratings)
  190. A robot consisting of two blue legs attached to a black base and foot pads.



    3.5 stars (1,486 ratings)
  191. A red industrial one armed robot with an end effector consisting of of four suction cups extending out from a single unit. The robot has a tablet display head showing expressive eyes and eyebrows.



    3.5 stars (413 ratings)
  192. A single 5.5 cm tall kilobot which has 3 toothpick like yellow legs, electronics on a round circuit board and a curved metal piece sticking out of the top.



    3.5 stars (514 ratings)
  193. A historical looking factory robot with a large silver base, and a brown joint supporting a beige rectangle labelled Unimate,  which ends in a simple gripper.



    3.5 stars (1,268 ratings)
  194. A telepresence robot with blue glowing lights on the wheeled base , a thick trunk with a touchscreen and electronics, and a large display on top which shows a doctor's face.



    3.5 stars (620 ratings)
  195. Four versions of progressively larger silver and blue jointed cobot robotic arms.



    3.5 stars (668 ratings)
  196. A torso with arms and a camera head is raised on a mobile platform.



    3.5 stars (546 ratings)
  197. A humanoid with an electronics filled torso the shape of an upside down triangle, a silver head with sensors and two large black ears that stick out of the top of its head. It has two basic silver arms, one of which is raised.



    3.5 stars (180 ratings)
  198. A white and gray boxy shaped robotic vacuum on a wheeled base.



    3.5 stars (15 ratings)
  199. A cartoonish bipedal robot with the appearance of a female astronaut, in a white and black shell.



    3.5 stars (398 ratings)
  200. A wheeled telepresence robot with a long neck holding a monitor showing a smiling face.



    3.5 stars (637 ratings)
  201. A shiny white robot with a simple face involving two eyes, and two sensors in its forehead. It's torso has the appearance of it wearing a black shirt and white vest.



    3.5 stars (248 ratings)
  202. A hexapod robot with padded yellow legs and a rectangular body full of wires and electronics.



    3.5 stars (706 ratings)
  203. A large pick and place machine packages food.



    3.5 stars (11 ratings)
  204. A simple white humanoid with a black arm and five digit hand opened in front of its torso.



    3.5 stars (860 ratings)
  205. A robotic system including four arms with surgical tools.


    Da Vinci↓1

    3.5 stars (5,023 ratings)
  206. A mobile robot with a black base and four rotating tracked flipper wheels. The base holds electronics, and a single arm extends upwards and holds camera and other equipment.



    3.5 stars (418 ratings)
  207. A human shaped robot with exposed electronics looks at it's fingers, which are pushed together to form an O.



    3.5 stars (523 ratings)
  208. A pair of black robotic gripper fingers smush a yellow smiley face ball.


    Adaptive Gripper

    3.5 stars (2,242 ratings)
  209. A white humanoid robot with a female appearance.



    3.5 stars (2,542 ratings)
  210. A blue and silver base with two vertical pieces units, each of which have a robotic arm in grey material and beige gripper end effectors.



    3.5 stars (150 ratings)
  211. A bipedal robot with black legs and a white torso emblazoned with a longhorn silhouette poses mid-step.



    3.5 stars (293 ratings)
  212. A humanoid robot with a system of artificial muscles, tendons and joints.



    3.5 stars (236 ratings)
  213. A highly realistic humanoid female robot with golden skin, almond shaped eyes, and shoulder length brown hair wears a black button up shirt and purple sweater.



    3.5 stars (8,300 ratings)
  214. An expressive humanoid robot with a bright round face, a shiny torso with sensors, and two arms with black jointed fingers.



    3.5 stars (848 ratings)
  215. A simple yellow robot with a tabletop base supporting an egg shaped head which has big brown eyes. It holds a tablet which has text on it.



    3 stars (2,280 ratings)
  216. Close up of QB's shiny white head with has two camera eyes, mouth, and the appearance of a hat, which has a screen showing a mans smiling face.



    3 stars (821 ratings)
  217. A beige robotic head consisting of three spherical segments and expressive eyes on a base with a display.



    3 stars (380 ratings)